Superhero Toilet Cleaner (3 Packs)
Superhero Toilet Cleaner (3 Packs)
Superhero Toilet Cleaner (3 Packs)
Superhero Toilet Cleaner (3 Packs)

Superhero Toilet Cleaner (3 Packs)

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Toilet Tank Cleaner powerful foaming cyclonic action works to remove deep-set hard water and mineral deposit stains while eliminating mold, mildew, and bacteria that can take over your toilet tank and bowl.

Just pull and pour for a sparkling clean flush every time. Phosphate-free and safe for septic tanks too!

The Toilet Tank Cleaner  is the fast, hassle-free way to clean your toilet almost automatically!


  • Now Clean Without Scrubbing
    Its the next best thing to a self-cleaning toilet. No need to scrub, just pull and pour-in for an instant clean with the it – an instant solution for a totally clean tank and toilet bowl.
  • Cyclonic Foaming Action
    The formula works on the principle of foam and flush. The foaming action scours away hard water stains, and eliminates stains from mineral and phosphate deposits, mold build up, Mildew, bacteria, and more. 
  • Cleans Jet Stream and Improves Flush 
    The foaming action not only cleans the tank and toilet bowl, it also cleans the jet stream and improves the flush system hence saves your precious time.
  • Automatic Fast Action Clean
    It is also very fast acting and completely cleans in under 6 hours. Just pour the entire package into the toilet, let it sit for six hours or overnight, and then flush. That’s all!!
  • Safe for Use
    It is very easy to use and is chlorine free, odor free and is safe for the all plumbing and septic systems.


  • Pour a packet in your toilet tank
  • After it foams, Wait for at least 6 Hours
  • Flush


  • 3 packs x Toilet Tank Cleaner


  • Water temperature should not be higher than 60°C
  • This product is corrosive, do not touch the eyes, skin and clothing, do not swallow, do not let children and pets contact
  • Place it to a dry place
  • Avoid eyes/ skin/ mouth from touching cleaner powder as it may cause a burn
  • If the cleaner powder touched eyes, please rinse with plenty of water and seek immediate medical attention